Dark Days Are Upon Us.


Fusang Frustrations

OPINIONI consider myself a regular PvPer in TSW because I enjoy it, but lately its so frustrating for me. Not because of the imbalance or the endless groups of premades with glance tanks, it’s way terrible than that. I can’t even frigging get a pop. Stonehenge pops under 10 minutes. Fusang? Never got a pop. Unless I decide to spend 3 hours waiting around which is retarded. So what’s the deal, Funcom? Its annoying and frustrating when somedays I log in and all I want to do is PvP in Fusang, and I can never get in. I’m not sure if its a Server side thing or what, but it’s annoying as hell.

Well thank goodness for Issue 7 then.

/rant off.



Lagging Behind


Ahh it’s fantastic to be back in The Secret World. So many updates, so many issues that I need to catch up with, but most important among all is that TSW is now B2P! Not that it affects me much since I’m a lifer. I’m loving the free points and the fact that I can still buy future issues that’s within the allocated budget. Even after the layoffs last year, the Devs are no slacks. I watched and read as content are introduced in the designated timeframe.

I came back for the Halloween event. Brief period, but man was it awesome. Definitely looking forward to more events in TSW, I think it was done fantastically. Missed the recent ARG event but again it looked great. I’m digging how TSW keeps players glued to the game even without having to log in. More of the same please!

So what have I been up to? After a long client update, I figured I’d go get my first auxiliary weapon, the rocket launcher (Yes, that’s how long I’ve been away), and man was it tough! The mission itself was pretty cool, but mob density was insane and if you don’t have a solid and balanced build, you’re going to die a lot out there and that’s exactly what I went through. But of course, there was a solution and it was easy in the end. See, just before I left in August 2012, I was experimenting with a hardcore DPS build with AR/Ele as my main weapons and I died a lot in that AUX mission. So I reverted back to my Shotgun/Hammer build and man it was a breeze, with a mix of blue DPS and Tankish Talismans equipped. This build never fails me, ever. Check it out!

So after getting the rocket launcher, it hit me that I need SO MUCH AP/SP to get it going, so I decided to leave it hanging in the bag for now. Snooped around the Store and bought myself a pet, which in my opinion, a mini Cthulhu pet is the most awesome pet out there in any MMO to date!

Draug Lord Puppy

Draug Lord Puppy

Inventory is a mess at the moment and I’ll need to get that sorted out. But the current priority now is to complete missions that I missed in the earlier regions, before I start tackling new missions from Issue #1-5. Finally, applied to a new Cabal. It saddens me that Bloodpact is no longer active, having started out promisingly at launch. Hopefully, I’ll see many of them in game soon, but I need to move on to an active Cabal in the meantime. So that’s about it, hoping to get active in TSW again. Cheers to all.

Issue #2 Digging Deeper

So, Issue #2 Digging Deeper arrives today my fellow TSWers. If you’ve been up to date in game and has never left the game since launch, may you enjoy the update with full speed ahead. For those of you who are returning after a short break or something similar likes yours truly, here’s what you need to know about Issue #2.

Issue #2 brings with it something that most gamers including myself have anticipated since it’s announcement, the arrival of a new type of weaponry : the auxiliary weapon. RPGs, Rocket Launchers and Bazookas, for those of you who do not know what it is. Of course this new weapon introduces it’s own skill selections to add to the already awesome ability wheel, and as a result, we also get an 8th skill slot, both active and passives. To acquire the weapon, a new mission chain has been added. I’m yet to find out what or where, so digging deeper you shall.

Another addition to the game is Ockham’s Razor, a cosmetic shop allowing you to change the look and appearance of your character for a small price. This is one of those things that was voiced out by gamers early on in the forums as something FunCom should add for players, and lo and behold here it is. Thanks guys. I now do not need to look like every other Tom, Dick and Harry that I passed by, much like during launch when everyone looked like siblings.

Bringing up the rear to the update is of course, new content. Missions that lead you back to starter areas are really feel good factors, satisfying my nostalgia. The one mission I’m most looking forward to is back in Kingsmouth. A follow up to an awesome quest from everyone’s favorite pastor in the only church in town. I know I’ll be having some serious fun running these new missions. Now if only I can find the time to log in hmmm.

And there you have it, some of the beef about the new update. I know I’m only scratching the surface, so log in and have fun digging deeper you lot! Cheers.


A Comment About Crafting

Here’s a comment I plucked out from the forums with OP credited. In my opinion, he/she has nailed down some solid points regarding the crafting in The Secret World. Check it out.

What do you guys think about the current state of the crafting system?


409 Point Shotgun/Hammer DPS And Survivability Build

Hints,tips,guides,deck builds and more.

Name: Ballistic Slobberknocker©

Weapons: Shotgun/Hammer

Cost: 409 Ability Points

Description: An easy to build DPS & Survivabilty deck that focuses on Weakening the opponent to reap the rewards of the Debilitated effect with resource builders and finishing them off with powerful finishers. Debilitate stacks a damage reduce debuff on the opponent thus making you take softer hits and keeping you up longer in fights without sacrificing firepower to be the last one standing.

Active Skills

1.Fire And Forget (Shotgun-Outer Wheel), builder

2.Out For A Kill (Shotgun-Inner Wheel), consumer

3.Smash (Hammer-Inner Wheel), builder

4.No Mercy (Hammer-Outer Wheel), consumer

5.Haymaker (Hammer-Inner Wheel), consumer

6.Shockwave (Hammer-Inner Wheel), elite utility, Impair

7.Turn The Tables (Misc Survivalism- Outer Wheel), ‘Oh Crap!’ button

Passive Skills

1.Improved Blasts (Hammer)- Weakens opponent. Kicks in Debilitated, reduces opponent damage output by 3% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 10. Works well with No Mercy and multiple targets

2.Below The Belt (Hammer)- Weakens opponent. Kicks in Debilitated, reduces opponent damage output by 3% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 10. Works well with Smash and single targets

3.Hard Impact (Hammer)- Increases damage dealt by Hammer abilities by 10%

4.Improved Strikes (Hammer)- Increases damage dealt by Strike abilities by 7.5%. Works well with Haymaker

5. Forged In Fire (Hammer)- When below 50% health, regenerates 40% of your health over 10 seconds. Works well period.

6.Gunsmoke (Shotgun)- Whenever you apply Weaken, target takes additional physical damage

7.12 Gauge (Shotgun)- Whenever you penetrate, target becomes Weakened. Kicks in Debilitated, reduces opponent damage output by 3% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 10. Works well with Penetration Glyphs and stats

The build in action : 


Against single targets, open the fight with either Fire And Forget from a close distance or Smash to build resources. When both weapon resources are maxed, execute Out For A Kill or Haymaker to finish off targets. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Use Shockwave to Interrupt and Impair enemy skills that would hurt you, especially against elite mobs or boss mobs. If you find your health getting dangerously low, hit Turn The Tables for an emergency self heal. Forged In Fire should also be kicking in unless spent.

Against multiple targets, keep a distance and spam Fire And Forget to build resources on them. Use No Mercy to both soften targets and as a finisher. Using Shockwave against difficult multiple targets is also a good way to get out of a sticky situation. Add Out For A Kill and Haymaker into the rotation when you know you have the upper hand and can afford to finish off mobs one by one.

Talismans, Glyphs & Signets

Best to equip DPS stat Talismans and Glyphs for full effectiveness in combat. Attack Rating, Hit Rating and Penetration is your best bet. You should be looking at 1900 HP for the best damage output, but it is advised to throw on a few Tank pieces in tougher situations. Shotgun and Hammer damage signets would be a nice addition.


This deck is meant for PVE play and not recommended for Dungeon runs or for taking on the Gatekeeper.


This segment is unique. In less than 300 words I try to get things off the top of my head in any manner I see fit. You have been warned dear reader.

It’s time to celebrate. Well for me at least. I have just upgraded my TSW subscription to the Grand Master pack, which also means, I am now a certified lifetime subscriber of this wonderful game. Excited and stoked to see what the future of TSW holds and it gives me such pleasure and relief that I will have no pressure to play like a maniac now. It cost me a whooping RM800 but hey it’s worth it. Don’t judge me. There are so many reasons I could name to justify my decision but here and now isn’t the appropriate time for that. So I’ve just logged in to see what perks I’ve been given for being such a loyal servant of Gaia. I’m totally in love with the Snakeskin Outfit that lifetimers get. Awesome way to flaunt what you have : clothing! I wished we got more but hey I’m not complaining. There were a few other goodies as well. One extra character slot, name reservation, XP Elixirs and more talismans. Hey hey.

Here’s what the lifetimer snakeskin outfit looks like for guys. Rowdy jacket and some slick looking jeans with a tee to match. Kirsten Geary is gonna drool all over me bebeh!

So what I’ve been up to lately besides gloating gleefully? Ever since defeating the Gatekeeper last week I’ve been running Nightmare mode dungeons with a few German friends of mine. Picked up some really awesome Purple QL10 talismans from Polaris. I’d really love to run Nightmares with my Cabal but at the moment, my playing time defers so much from the raiding bunch. Besides that, I’ve been revisiting old content in Egypt and Transylvania to pick up extra AP/SP to feed my alternate deck builds. At the beginning I said  I’d never forsake my Shotgun/Hammer build for anything else but well, I lied. You just can’t do a solitary build in this game, and that’s why I love it. Keeps things challenging and fresh, and I’m always looking at how to improve synergies between weapons. I’m currently in a full DPS Shotgun/Assault Rifle build that dishes out a whooping 2600 Attack Rating and I am dangerous yo. Squishy yes, but hey you can’t get the best of both worlds and I realize that.

Righto, time to go pop out the champagne and celebrate further. I might even get lucky with KG tonight, who knows! Cheerios.

Three’s A Company

Long before The Secret World launched, we the eager players were treated to a few teaser and trailer videos containing a few characters from the game which showed us a glimpse of their background plus some of the iconic monsters that we’ll meet in game. I’m sure most of you know who I’m talking about. Yup, it’s Alex, Rose and Mei Ling.

All three are presumably high ranking and valued agents of their respective factions with the British speaking Alex in the Illuminati, the PYT Rose of the Templars and Mei Ling with the Dragon. There’s also a fourth member of this prestigious group, Zuberi, who looks to be a shaman of some sort representing either a secret faction or is just an upholder of Gaia’s peace. At this point, I do not know.


Players would encounter the trio and Zuberi in the first instance of the game called Tokyo Flashback which serves as a gameplay, mission system and combat tutorial to prep the player for the big bad nasty world waiting beyond Agartha. In the instance, I learned about the outbreak of The Filth in Tokyo, turning the average sushi gobbler into an infected, tentacle-ly, hideous looking bastard. The trio are already on the scene with Zuberi and I got to fight alongside them which was pretty cool. But…3 weeks later with most content down and NPCs interacted with, there’s this gaping hole in my data log regarding these three and Zuberi. I want to know more about them. Who they were, what are their motives and if we’ll be seeing them again in the near future. Are their fates intertwined with mine? Will light be shed on their previous exploits before I became an agent? Don’t get me wrong. Every NPC I have encountered on the way has been a pleasure to meet. Memorable, witty and cleverly thought out characters that made the game so much more enjoyable for me. But right now I’m just itching to see more content with these guys involved. I do hope FunCom has something along that line planned. Because after all that build up with their introduction in the trailer videos and in Tokyo Flashback, we oughta’ see some action with them in game be it within missions or story missions to spice things up. Up to this point I’ve built my character up stat and story-wise, and I guess it’s time to move on, and uncover more of The Secret World out there with the said gang above and no matter how long I’ll be made to wait for such content to come out, I know it’ll be worth it. My opinion.

So here’s a toast to our secretive four agents of Gaia, fighting evil somewhere out there that we’ve yet to uncover. Cheerios.





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