Dark Days Are Upon Us.

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End Of The Secret War Social Experiment

The Secret War has ended. In my opinion, every society emerged victorious. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. A new mission has begun! Head on over to The Secret World to find out more.

A Beta Weekend #3 has not been announced by Funcom this week, so it looks like there will be no beta access this weekend.


Community Unlockable Reached

Congratulations to all Blue agents involved, this is a significant victory. To those who wasn’t seen the video, head on to The Secret War, if you’re Illuminati. Good luck deciphering the code!

Dark Days Are Coming..

Greetings! I decided to start this blog as a personal adventure journal for the upcoming Funcom MMO, The Secret World. And just so we are clear, I’m Illuminati through and through, but that doesn’t mean I won’t touch on the Dragons or Templars side of things, I will eventually.  This blog will also focus on some other things like guides, RP stories, cabal-ads, and other TSW info/goodies. Although I’m starting this blog solo, I’m open and willing to accept other authors as well ( more Malaysian players/bloggers are welcome! ) and we could collaborate to turn this blog into a fully functional community blog when the game releases. Just contact me if interested. =) Till then, have fun playing the game on Beta Weekends, cheers!