Dark Days Are Upon Us.

Syp’s Tips, Sneak Peeks And More

This segment is unique. In less than 300 words I try to get things off the top of my head in any manner I see fit. You have been warned dear reader.

Some interesting beans have been spilled today regarding what can be expected in the upcoming July Update for The Secret World, thanks to the fine folks at Rock, Paper Shotgun. From what I’ve gathered so far, old NPC’s and quest items will have a part to play in some of the new missions that are set to be released. This is interesting. Read on all about it here. While browsing my RSS feeds earlier, I stumbled upon a good post by Syp over at his blog Biobreak about 10 Tips for The Secret World. His tips are spot on and definitely useful for new players that have yet to dive headfirst into the game, so do check it out. I was also interested about Funcom announcing that they will be streaming some live gameplay footage tomorrow via their Twitch TV channel with both Ragnar Tornquist and Joel Bylos in attendance to give their unique insight and development process that went into the process of the game. Nice. More info on that here. Finally, what have I been doing in game? Well I have been playing around with my deck builds, finding a good balance between DPS and survivability to last all the way to the end of the Story Quest in Transylvania. So far so good! I have been playing with Hammers and Shotguns ever since I left New York on the 29th, and I figured it’s about time I explore my options. Also looking to run more elite dungeons. I’ve finished them all, but I guess farming them would be a good idea to keep the AP /SP flowing, and to pick up some alternative loot. We’ll see what gives. Want to join me? IGN : Gradinko



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