Dark Days Are Upon Us.

The Secret World Issue #1 July 2012 “Unleashed” Revealed!

Contents of the new July update which Funcom calls Issue #1, has been revealed! So far, in depth explanations of the new missions is included and it’s going to take us back to familiar places and faces. There was also a sneaky little hint dropped about expanding the story revolving around a female character in the Solomon Island that will reveal more about her, or who she pretends to be..I wonder who that is.

Also, two new Nightmare mode dungeons are coming out which are The Ankh and Hell Fallen. Good news for all NM raiders in TSW and within my Cabal ( We have some dedicated NM raiders in Bloodpact ) as this offers them more options whenever they are locked out from farming the existing dungeons. That also means more Nightmare mode loot!

Apparently, on-site construction in game is already taking place within New York, London and Seoul in preparation for the update. Keen gamers have been noticing this, and I’m curious to go exploring to find out for myself!

Finally, we are getting a cross dimension Marketplace! This allows us players to buy, sale, trade, and ship items across to fellow players and start building the economy within The Secret World! So it’s a good idea to hang on to your PAX Romana for now.

All in all, everything sounds great and is setting up to be a great update at the end of this month so hang on and enjoy the ride folks! PS, Awesome Issue #1 poster!

Full announcement here.



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