Dark Days Are Upon Us.


This segment is unique. In less than 300 words I try to get things off the top of my head in any manner I see fit. You have been warned dear reader.

So earlier I had a serious panic attack. My group and I had just finished consecutively running the Slaughterhouse dungeon for maybe about 20 times in a row. We had all wiped the pathetic Gatekeeper, whom players needed to beat to be keyed for Nightmare mode dungeons. We were ready and pumped. I had equipped a QL9 waist talisman and I needed an upgrade to take my DPS  a step higher for Nightmare Polaris. I headed back to New York and the Labyrinth, went straight to the QL10 Equipment vendor, and bought a QL10 Purple waist talisman. I equipped it. Nothing happened. I still had on the previous talisman, and the new one went missing. Panic. It had cost me a lot of Black Marks of Venice from PVP. Despaired, I asked my Cabal for help. I soon found out that in such cases, items can be found at the very same vendor, where under the Sell tab, look at the bottom and there is a Buyback option, and most of the items will appear there. Doubting that it would be there, I had a look and sure enough, there it was, unharmed. Long story short, if this happens to you, you now know what to do.  Cheerios.




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