Dark Days Are Upon Us.

Issue #2 Digging Deeper

So, Issue #2 Digging Deeper arrives today my fellow TSWers. If you’ve been up to date in game and has never left the game since launch, may you enjoy the update with full speed ahead. For those of you who are returning after a short break or something similar likes yours truly, here’s what you need to know about Issue #2.

Issue #2 brings with it something that most gamers including myself have anticipated since it’s announcement, the arrival of a new type of weaponry : the auxiliary weapon. RPGs, Rocket Launchers and Bazookas, for those of you who do not know what it is. Of course this new weapon introduces it’s own skill selections to add to the already awesome ability wheel, and as a result, we also get an 8th skill slot, both active and passives. To acquire the weapon, a new mission chain has been added. I’m yet to find out what or where, so digging deeper you shall.

Another addition to the game is Ockham’s Razor, a cosmetic shop allowing you to change the look and appearance of your character for a small price. This is one of those things that was voiced out by gamers early on in the forums as something FunCom should add for players, and lo and behold here it is. Thanks guys. I now do not need to look like every other Tom, Dick and Harry that I passed by, much like during launch when everyone looked like siblings.

Bringing up the rear to the update is of course, new content. Missions that lead you back to starter areas are really feel good factors, satisfying my nostalgia. The one mission I’m most looking forward to is back in Kingsmouth. A follow up to an awesome quest from everyone’s favorite pastor in the only church in town. I know I’ll be having some serious fun running these new missions. Now if only I can find the time to log in hmmm.

And there you have it, some of the beef about the new update. I know I’m only scratching the surface, so log in and have fun digging deeper you lot! Cheers.



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