Dark Days Are Upon Us.

Fusang Frustrations

OPINIONI consider myself a regular PvPer in TSW because I enjoy it, but lately its so frustrating for me. Not because of the imbalance or the endless groups of premades with glance tanks, it’s way terrible than that. I can’t even frigging get a pop. Stonehenge pops under 10 minutes. Fusang? Never got a pop. Unless I decide to spend 3 hours waiting around which is retarded. So what’s the deal, Funcom? Its annoying and frustrating when somedays I log in and all I want to do is PvP in Fusang, and I can never get in. I’m not sure if its a Server side thing or what, but it’s annoying as hell.

Well thank goodness for Issue 7 then.

/rant off.



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