Dark Days Are Upon Us.

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This segment is unique. In less than 300 words I try to get things off the top of my head in any manner I see fit. You have been warned dear reader.

It’s time to celebrate. Well for me at least. I have just upgraded my TSW subscription to the Grand Master pack, which also means, I am now a certified lifetime subscriber of this wonderful game. Excited and stoked to see what the future of TSW holds and it gives me such pleasure and relief that I will have no pressure to play like a maniac now. It cost me a whooping RM800 but hey it’s worth it. Don’t judge me. There are so many reasons I could name to justify my decision but here and now isn’t the appropriate time for that. So I’ve just logged in to see what perks I’ve been given for being such a loyal servant of Gaia. I’m totally in love with the Snakeskin Outfit that lifetimers get. Awesome way to flaunt what you have : clothing! I wished we got more but hey I’m not complaining. There were a few other goodies as well. One extra character slot, name reservation, XP Elixirs and more talismans. Hey hey.

Here’s what the lifetimer snakeskin outfit looks like for guys. Rowdy jacket and some slick looking jeans with a tee to match. Kirsten Geary is gonna drool all over me bebeh!

So what I’ve been up to lately besides gloating gleefully? Ever since defeating the Gatekeeper last week I’ve been running Nightmare mode dungeons with a few German friends of mine. Picked up some really awesome Purple QL10 talismans from Polaris. I’d really love to run Nightmares with my Cabal but at the moment, my playing time defers so much from the raiding bunch. Besides that, I’ve been revisiting old content in Egypt and Transylvania to pick up extra AP/SP to feed my alternate deck builds. At the beginning I said  I’d never forsake my Shotgun/Hammer build for anything else but well, I lied. You just can’t do a solitary build in this game, and that’s why I love it. Keeps things challenging and fresh, and I’m always looking at how to improve synergies between weapons. I’m currently in a full DPS Shotgun/Assault Rifle build that dishes out a whooping 2600 Attack Rating and I am dangerous yo. Squishy yes, but hey you can’t get the best of both worlds and I realize that.

Righto, time to go pop out the champagne and celebrate further. I might even get lucky with KG tonight, who knows! Cheerios.