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Fusang Frustrations

OPINIONI consider myself a regular PvPer in TSW because I enjoy it, but lately its so frustrating for me. Not because of the imbalance or the endless groups of premades with glance tanks, it’s way terrible than that. I can’t even frigging get a pop. Stonehenge pops under 10 minutes. Fusang? Never got a pop. Unless I decide to spend 3 hours waiting around which is retarded. So what’s the deal, Funcom? Its annoying and frustrating when somedays I log in and all I want to do is PvP in Fusang, and I can never get in. I’m not sure if its a Server side thing or what, but it’s annoying as hell.

Well thank goodness for Issue 7 then.

/rant off.



Lagging Behind


Ahh it’s fantastic to be back in The Secret World. So many updates, so many issues that I need to catch up with, but most important among all is that TSW is now B2P! Not that it affects me much since I’m a lifer. I’m loving the free points and the fact that I can still buy future issues that’s within the allocated budget. Even after the layoffs last year, the Devs are no slacks. I watched and read as content are introduced in the designated timeframe.

I came back for the Halloween event. Brief period, but man was it awesome. Definitely looking forward to more events in TSW, I think it was done fantastically. Missed the recent ARG event but again it looked great. I’m digging how TSW keeps players glued to the game even without having to log in. More of the same please!

So what have I been up to? After a long client update, I figured I’d go get my first auxiliary weapon, the rocket launcher (Yes, that’s how long I’ve been away), and man was it tough! The mission itself was pretty cool, but mob density was insane and if you don’t have a solid and balanced build, you’re going to die a lot out there and that’s exactly what I went through. But of course, there was a solution and it was easy in the end. See, just before I left in August 2012, I was experimenting with a hardcore DPS build with AR/Ele as my main weapons and I died a lot in that AUX mission. So I reverted back to my Shotgun/Hammer build and man it was a breeze, with a mix of blue DPS and Tankish Talismans equipped. This build never fails me, ever. Check it out!

So after getting the rocket launcher, it hit me that I need SO MUCH AP/SP to get it going, so I decided to leave it hanging in the bag for now. Snooped around the Store and bought myself a pet, which in my opinion, a mini Cthulhu pet is the most awesome pet out there in any MMO to date!

Draug Lord Puppy

Draug Lord Puppy

Inventory is a mess at the moment and I’ll need to get that sorted out. But the current priority now is to complete missions that I missed in the earlier regions, before I start tackling new missions from Issue #1-5. Finally, applied to a new Cabal. It saddens me that Bloodpact is no longer active, having started out promisingly at launch. Hopefully, I’ll see many of them in game soon, but I need to move on to an active Cabal in the meantime. So that’s about it, hoping to get active in TSW again. Cheers to all.


This segment is unique. In less than 300 words I try to get things off the top of my head in any manner I see fit. You have been warned dear reader.

So earlier I had a serious panic attack. My group and I had just finished consecutively running the Slaughterhouse dungeon for maybe about 20 times in a row. We had all wiped the pathetic Gatekeeper, whom players needed to beat to be keyed for Nightmare mode dungeons. We were ready and pumped. I had equipped a QL9 waist talisman and I needed an upgrade to take my DPS  a step higher for Nightmare Polaris. I headed back to New York and the Labyrinth, went straight to the QL10 Equipment vendor, and bought a QL10 Purple waist talisman. I equipped it. Nothing happened. I still had on the previous talisman, and the new one went missing. Panic. It had cost me a lot of Black Marks of Venice from PVP. Despaired, I asked my Cabal for help. I soon found out that in such cases, items can be found at the very same vendor, where under the Sell tab, look at the bottom and there is a Buyback option, and most of the items will appear there. Doubting that it would be there, I had a look and sure enough, there it was, unharmed. Long story short, if this happens to you, you now know what to do.  Cheerios.



Syp’s Tips, Sneak Peeks And More

This segment is unique. In less than 300 words I try to get things off the top of my head in any manner I see fit. You have been warned dear reader.

Some interesting beans have been spilled today regarding what can be expected in the upcoming July Update for The Secret World, thanks to the fine folks at Rock, Paper Shotgun. From what I’ve gathered so far, old NPC’s and quest items will have a part to play in some of the new missions that are set to be released. This is interesting. Read on all about it here. While browsing my RSS feeds earlier, I stumbled upon a good post by Syp over at his blog Biobreak about 10 Tips for The Secret World. His tips are spot on and definitely useful for new players that have yet to dive headfirst into the game, so do check it out. I was also interested about Funcom announcing that they will be streaming some live gameplay footage tomorrow via their Twitch TV channel with both Ragnar Tornquist and Joel Bylos in attendance to give their unique insight and development process that went into the process of the game. Nice. More info on that here. Finally, what have I been doing in game? Well I have been playing around with my deck builds, finding a good balance between DPS and survivability to last all the way to the end of the Story Quest in Transylvania. So far so good! I have been playing with Hammers and Shotguns ever since I left New York on the 29th, and I figured it’s about time I explore my options. Also looking to run more elite dungeons. I’ve finished them all, but I guess farming them would be a good idea to keep the AP /SP flowing, and to pick up some alternative loot. We’ll see what gives. Want to join me? IGN : Gradinko