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Three’s A Company

Long before The Secret World launched, we the eager players were treated to a few teaser and trailer videos containing a few characters from the game which showed us a glimpse of their background plus some of the iconic monsters that we’ll meet in game. I’m sure most of you know who I’m talking about. Yup, it’s Alex, Rose and Mei Ling.

All three are presumably high ranking and valued agents of their respective factions with the British speaking Alex in the Illuminati, the PYT Rose of the Templars and Mei Ling with the Dragon. There’s also a fourth member of this prestigious group, Zuberi, who looks to be a shaman of some sort representing either a secret faction or is just an upholder of Gaia’s peace. At this point, I do not know.


Players would encounter the trio and Zuberi in the first instance of the game called Tokyo Flashback which serves as a gameplay, mission system and combat tutorial to prep the player for the big bad nasty world waiting beyond Agartha. In the instance, I learned about the outbreak of The Filth in Tokyo, turning the average sushi gobbler into an infected, tentacle-ly, hideous looking bastard. The trio are already on the scene with Zuberi and I got to fight alongside them which was pretty cool. But…3 weeks later with most content down and NPCs interacted with, there’s this gaping hole in my data log regarding these three and Zuberi. I want to know more about them. Who they were, what are their motives and if we’ll be seeing them again in the near future. Are their fates intertwined with mine? Will light be shed on their previous exploits before I became an agent? Don’t get me wrong. Every NPC I have encountered on the way has been a pleasure to meet. Memorable, witty and cleverly thought out characters that made the game so much more enjoyable for me. But right now I’m just itching to see more content with these guys involved. I do hope FunCom has something along that line planned. Because after all that build up with their introduction in the trailer videos and in Tokyo Flashback, we oughta’ see some action with them in game be it within missions or story missions to spice things up. Up to this point I’ve built my character up stat and story-wise, and I guess it’s time to move on, and uncover more of The Secret World out there with the said gang above and no matter how long I’ll be made to wait for such content to come out, I know it’ll be worth it. My opinion.

So here’s a toast to our secretive four agents of Gaia, fighting evil somewhere out there that we’ve yet to uncover. Cheerios.